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Bartlett Public Library District Recycles

Posted on: December 11, 2008


When it comes to recycling paper, DLS libraries are leading the way at their libraries and in their communities.

Susan Westgate, Bartlett Public Library District’s Assistant Director, relates that her library has an Abitibi paper recycling bin in their parking lot for the library staff and patrons to use. The library is then paid for the paper it recycles.

Magazines, office and school paper, newspapers, catalogs, and junk mail are accepted for recycling. From January through September, 2008, the library recycled more than 31 tons of paper. Typically, the library averages about three tons a month. When the bin is getting full, a staff member calls the recycler and within several days the paper is picked up. Once a month, the library receives a check for the amount of paper recycled.

Among the other libraries that get paid from Abitibi to recycle paper are Batavia Public Library District and Winfield Public Library District. Other DLS libraries and school libraries also have a system in place to recycle paper via their waste haulers or other recycling vendors.


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