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The Family Reading Night program sponsored by the Illinois State Library is really intended for public libraries. Our community college does not, properly speaking, have any patrons who are children. However, our student and staff patrons have families. So about five years ago we began to participate in the Family Reading Night program with the intention of giving a boost to family literacy in the community.

We began small, with just a story time presented by a professional storyteller. Soon we came up with the idea of involving our Children’s Literature class, since the students in there are mostly intending to be teachers or child-care professionals. This program is now incorporated into the Children’s Literature syllabus, with the students planning for and presenting a different program in conjunction with our storytelling. We have expanded to holding a program in the spring as well as in the fall when Family Reading Night occurs.

Although it is not ordinarily part of the mission of a community college library to put on children’s programs, we feel that fostering the literacy skills of our current and future students is very much within our mission. Submitted by Jan Zuke, Southwestern Illinois College, Sam Wolf Granite City Campus, Granite City, IL


The Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District partnered with the Homewood
Library and Starbucks to create and new book discussion group called “Coffee
and Chick Lit.” We took the popularity of Chick Lit and Starbucks and put
them together. The group meets once monthly at a local Starbucks from
7:00-8:00. Starbucks offers their location. Group members purchase their
own drinks, but each month Starbucks provides a little prize for the group, usually something off the discount rack. Books are available for pick up
at either library; we also check books out at the Starbucks on the night the
group meets. We also collect their books to return to the library.
Submitted by Melissa Gardner, Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District

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